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To a successful print result, with iQIP®

Aktualisiert: 17. Dez. 2021

"57 per cent is the share of brochures, magazines, advertisements and personalised direct marketing in the advertising pie of EDEKA, REWE, OBI, and Co."

Contrary to all prejudices, print products are still in demand among end consumers in the retail trade. Due to the sales-promoting effects of print products, corporations continue to attach importance to high-quality advertising materials.

iQIP® makes printed communication better, and thus makes retailers happy!


Ciao travel expenses - hello Print Quality Cloud!

On-site print inspections consume valuable resources, they are expensive and they cost time! iQIP® saves print buyers travel time and costs. Intuitive workflow steps easily transmit spectral colour data to the Print Quality Cloud to document or monitor the quality of your print jobs, regardless of production location - from anywhere in the world.

Central communication - simple and automated!

Why use confusing Excel tables and decentralised communication when you can communicate directly and interactively with your printers and print buyers?

Individual quality catalogues for visual evaluation allow you to take your personal evaluation priorities into account. The iQIP® comm pro module automatically generates a meaningful evaluation number from your individual quality criteria.

iQIP® - your smart quality hub - is the control centre for print quality management!

One application - one key figure!

The practical iQIP® quality score maps all important parameters of your printing process in a single statistical parameter. The weighting of all quality criteria enables an objective evaluation of the print product in the cloud. The Print Quality Cloud becomes the central platform for quality management for print products.

With iQIP®, printers and print buyers finally speak the same language!


Our retail customers about iQIP®...

"iQIP creates transparency for us with our pole printers. As print quality increases, so does our own profitability."

REWE Zentral AG, Germany

Every time we upload a measurement file, we can document our print quality in an audit-proof manner, and this creates a strong bond with our print customer.

eds group, Hungary


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