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One-click ordering of iQIP® proof papers on ZAIKIO Procurement

Updated: Dec 7, 2021

In summer 2020, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG presented Zaikio as an open, independent and cloud-based platform for the printing industry. The collaboration platform connects suppliers, machines, cloud applications and inventory software via open interfaces for easier material purchasing. So far, ERP systems such as Printvis or uTraxx are on board. iQIP® - your smart quality hub joins the Zaikio Hub and will expand the material offerings for printers in the cloud in the future.


iQIP® - first provider of proof papers in Zaikio Procurement

Zaikio's digitisation mission for the print industry smooths the way for new opportunities for iQIP® – your smart quality hub. iQIP will distribute CGS ORIS proofing materials as a commodity to Print Partners. Thanks to the fully automated approach of Zaikio, our customers benefit from accelerated ordering processes. Lengthy ordering processes, with communication via telephone and email, are made redundant by the platform's centralised approach.

Centralize your communication – Simplify your work!

Order your iQIP® proof materials via Zaikio Procurement from January 2022.

Direct access to connected networks

The independent industry platform Zaikio enables the direct connection of supplier and system networks through open interfaces. This gives Print Partners access to the portfolio, inventories as well as prices of participating suppliers. In addition, MIS providers such as Omikai can also gain easy access so that print partners can act directly from their central MIS. iQIP® – your smart quality hub will in future distribute proof material from its sales partner CGS ORIS via the Zaikio platform - for an automated purchasing process.

Central demand assessment in the cloud

An arbitrary ordering cycle negatively impacts your resource inventory. Zaikio Procurement records every material requirement at your print site in one central location. You get access to availabilities according to your individual price agreements for the selected materials without much effort and order directly in the cloud.

iQIP® - your smart quality hub as a provider for proof papers, saves you at least 50% of your previous communication effort in the purchasing process and prevents avoidable errors.

Centralize your communication – Simplify your work!


What iQIP® says about the ZAIKIO platform...

With the support of Zaikio, we are getting closer to our customers and can deliver a digital solution for material procurement to the users of the platform, which would otherwise not be possible for us as a midsized company in this comprehensive implementation.

CEO Stefan Spengler, iQIP GmbH & Co. KG


About Zaikio

Around a year and a half after Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG acquired the cloud software company Crispy Mountain, the company presented Zaikio in summer 2020, the new, open, independent and cloud-based collaboration platform for the printing industry. The aim is to digitalise processes in print shops and thus lay the foundation for automation. This involves optimising data exchange between different players.

Learn more about the Zaikio platform.


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