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Your iQIP® Team - Working for you

Product development, customer consulting, technical support, training, color management, documentation, administration, quotations, invoicing.


The iQIP team is available 24/7/365 to provide you with advice and support.

We will be glad to help you.


iQIP® JobView

iQIP® JobView as a new product will be presented to the international trade audience at the Fogra Colourmanangement Symposium 2024.
iQIP® JobView visualizes packaging products from a completely new perspective, taking spectral measurement protocols from the printing press into account.



iQIP® expands development resources

Mathias Hertlein, as the new CTO, complements the proven team around Bernhard Stöhr, COO,
and Stefan Spengler CEO.

He is responsible for the technical implementation of software development and the strategic realignment of the technical infrastructure.



Logo REWE Group.png

iQIP® becomes REWE Group's Global Packaging Standard

REWE Zentral AG is establishing iQIP® in group-wide non-food packaging production as the binding quality monitoring system in the global supply chain.



Relaunch iQIP®

In 2021, not only the iQIP® software will be fundamentally equipped with new functions.


Also, impakt-medien GmbH & Co. KG will receive the company name iQIP after more than 12 years. Finally, the product and company become one.


Consequently, the Internet presence is also fundamentally renewed and receives a new customer approach.




Software – Hosted in Germany

iQIP® receives this certification from the Bundesverband

IT-Mittelstand e.V. due to its proven hosting on German servers with all required security standards for hosted software services in the cloud.


Software – Made in Germany

iQIP® achieves the certification with the seal of quality "Software - Made in Germany" due to its 100% service quality, product quality and 100% Internet orientation secured future viability.


iQIP® dashboard

Intuitive dashboards, automated real-time analyses and efficient workload reduction support the new automated quality management in iQIP®. 



Logo REWE Group.png

iQIP® becomes the
European quality standard
of REWE Group

REWE Zentral AG in Germany and REWE International AG in Austria integrate all European pole printers into the iQIP® quality monitoring system.


iQIP® softproof

"Proofing in a new dimension. -

First practical soft proof.


The third Coop Printing Technology Forum on the subject of soft proofing with wet profile was dedicated to the practical part. The focus was on the measurement results for profile creation and working with the wet profile in
the printing center of St. Galler Tagblatt Medien AG.

Parallel to proving the feasibility of being able to control the quality with the wet softproof at a higher level, Impakt-Medien developed a practical concept based on its self-developed PSOTen® functionality for easy updating of the wet profiles."






impakt-medien has developed an innovative concept for easy updating of complete color space descriptions with the special feature of deriving the update from the current production and integrating it "on the fly" into existing color management workflows.


Innovation Award for iQIP®

iQIP® is awarded 3rd prize in the German Printing Industry Innovation Award 2011. Impakt-medien receives the award in the C2 category, Printing Technology.


The jury was impressed by the innovation of integrating quality documentation into customer communication via cloud computing.

The jury's decision was based on the perfect combination of the software solution's technical professionalism and the clearly recognizable customer benefits.



iQIP Logo final.jpg

GoLive iQIP®

iQIP® already goes live with a considerable range of functions with the well-known modules iQIP® upload, iQIP® listing, iQIP® control and iQIP® zert.


The world's first monitoring solution for print quality in the cloud.


In 2010, iQIP® as a web application, as well as a pure software-as-a-service solution, is already a pioneer in the printing industry, which is dominated by desktop applications.



impakt-medien GmbH & Co. KG

Stefan Spengler founds his own company

impakt-medien GmbH & Co. KG based in Munich after more than 30 years of professional experience in the printing industry. 


Active as a printer and later as a state-certified printing technician, production engineer and manufacturer, EBV manager, production manager in print shops and reproduction facilities,

as software scout and software architect

in publishing houses and production agencies.

impakt-medien iQIP Logo final_lzw.tif

Stefan Spengler

CEO and Owner



Bernhard Stoehr

CV - Specialties - Authorized officer and product engineer 


Bernhard Stöhr
Authorized signatory
and product engineer



Lisa Heerklotz
Working student

minimal Büro

You are looking for perspectives?

You know your way around the production of high-end print media.

You are enthusiastic about color management, Internet technologies and quality assurance.

You take responsibility.

You design workflows.

You speak several languages.

You have a sure feeling for your counterpart.


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