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How iQIP® optimizes your processes and lowers costs

iQIP® your smart quality hub increases your efficiency with its modules -
from automatic measurement data upload to well-founded real-time analyzes to intuitive dashboards.


Based on ISO standards and customer specifications
you optimize your printing processes and maximize your quality.


Simple traffic light system

The intuitive, 3-stage evaluation model makes interpreting the quality results child's play.


The iQIP® algorithm provides an objective and reliable result:

  • one application

  • one quality score

  • numerous satisfied customers.

Based on ISO standards and customer specifications, you optimize your printing processes and maximize your quality.

More than just color


iQIP® extends the conventional quality control of your print to include register quality, exact reproduction of your company colors and other quality aspects that you may not even think about!

In addition to color, iQIP is the only solution that evaluates other important quality criteria such as:

  • Brand colors

  • Register deviations

  • Further processing

  • logistics

Increase in efficiency through intuitive dashboards


iQIP® your smart quality hub increases
your efficiency with its modules - from automatic measurement data upload to well-founded real-time analyzes and intuitive dashboards.

iQIP automatically presents important process parameters and KPIs in clear dashboards.

Software Module

Software modules - with a sense of reason

Six modules in iQIP® accompany you successfully through all phases of production -
always up-to-date, but without update costs!

iQIP® upload

The perfect interface between your press room
and your customers

iQIP upload supports with easiest 1-Click-Button-Upload
the upload of spectral color data from all commercially available spectrophotometers directly to the iQIP® server.

The iQIP® upload creates the most efficient job preparation with the simplest generation of job structures and thus enables cost-saving time-shifted work.

Optional XJDF interfaces support print production 4.0 by fully automating the iQIP® upload.

Key features to support your printing process:


  • iQIP® QuickAssign

  • iQIP® QuickCheck

  • iQIP® InkGuide

  • iQIP® AI Module

iQIP® upload

iQIP® listing

Big data analyzes in seconds!



With 1 click, iQIP listing provides a unique quality overview of all production locations.

Depending on your information needs, detailed or simply aggregated. (Fastest location comparison of your production sites with 1 click!)

With the iQIP® dashboard action button you start direct interaction with your print partners.
Use fast and easy-to-use filter functions so that you can keep everything important in focus. Get a quick overview!

The iQIP® quality assessment offers an intuitive assessment system through a general and easily understandable traffic light system red-light green-dark green.
The foundation of the iQIP® evaluation system is ensured at all times by the ISO conformity of all calculations.
This is the greatest legal security for your print jobs and modern compliance requirements are optimally met.

iQIP® listing

iQIP® control

The intuitive professional tool for printers and print buyers

You receive fast trend analyses of your printing process via continuous, real-time trend diagrams and graphic evaluations, quality analyses of the entire print job, via individual versions down to the individual patch.


Simple visualization and position-specific detection of print-related criteria convey perfect print know-how.


23 different graphic and tabular evaluations of your print results support, with detailed individual evaluations, the perfect control of your printing process.

iQIP control

iQIP® zert

DATA MINING at a glance


Without any programming knowledge, simply use the intuitive and easy-to-use SQL editor in iQIP® cert.

Every conceivable database query is configured quickly and easily. And that without any programming knowledge!


More know-how creates more advantages:


Optimize your order placement in the supplier pool.


Optimize your ink purchasing.


Optimize your paper purchasing.


Optimize your production processes.

iQIP zert

iQIP® dashboard

Cockpit for automated quality management

With iQIP® dashboard you use the most professional quality management, unrivaled and audit-proof.


Find your most important key figures in a clear and understandable tile design in the iQIP® dashboard cockpit.


Simplify your work with automated action scenarios based on your individual quality requirements.


iQIP dashbord

iQIP® comm pro

Individual catalogs for visual assessment



Create your own catalogs for the visual evaluation of individual criteria that are particularly important to you.


iQIP® comm pro automatically converts your visual assessments into statistical parameters.


Combine metrological and visual evaluations into one package. Interact directly with your print partners and manage your communication in one central place, web-based and audit-proof.

iQIP® Comm Pro

iQIP Addons for more than just CMYK

iQIP cicolor

iQIP® cicolor

Precise reproduction of your corporate colors

iQIP® SAAS offers even more! Also for the CI colors of your production.

CI colors are automatically extracted from the color measurement without any additional effort and, if desired, automatically assigned to the color measurements according to your weighting specifications.


The CI color evaluation is also included in the iQIP® quality evaluation with its own iQIP® quality score.


iQIP® SAAS also generates the easy-to-understand iQIP® overall evaluation for you from the CI color quality of your production.

iQIP® register

More than just color - register quality as an important quality factor

iQIP® SAAS offers even more! Also for the register quality of your production.


Easiest upload of register measurement data directly from the iPhone app with TECHKON iRegister to the iQIP® server.


Register measurements are easily and intuitively assigned to color measurements, manually or via batch functionality, and also automatically included in the iQIP® quality assessment.


iQIP® SAAS generates easy-to-understand iQIP® overall evaluation for you also from the register quality of your production.

iQIP® register
iQIP® Software Development

iQIP Software Development

iQIP® individual programming

You book what you need!
Or we can program your requirements.



Whether individual workflow processes in iQIP®, customer-specific infographics or 1-click button applications ...


We convert your requirements into easy-to-use functions. In addition, we design intuitive extensions for you and facilitate your daily work through the precise implementation of your wishes and requirements for the iQIP® Cloud.


iQIP® individual programming converts your corporate identity into your own branding. In this way, you can increase your customer loyalty with a very special in-house quality monitoring system. Expand your portfolio for your group of customers with iQIP® quality monitoring as a new service offering. Show your customers this unique USP with your own iQIP® branding.

iQIP® Individualprogrammierung
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