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Measurable successes - Easy. Efficient. Robust.

iQIP relies on


Simple operation
Efficient measurement data generation

Robust device design

Measurement results are only as good as the measuring equipment used to create them!

That's why iQIP relies on the best available measurement technology

for the pressroom.


We will be happy to make you an interesting offer!


Especially our bundles with iQIP offer you essential advantages.


TECHKON iRegister App – iQIP® iPhone Chassis

Perfect combi – Register control thought ahead

Precise - Repeatable - Cost-effective


The iPhone chassis is made of acrylic glass and is used to use the iPhone as a microscope or combined with the TECHKON iRegister app for register measurement.


It is suitable for the iPhone 6/6s/7/8 and SE.


TECHKON SpectroDens

The new era in color measurement - Two devices in one.

As a spectrodensitometer, the SpectroDens combines the features of a high-precision

of a highly accurate spectrophotometer and an easy-to-use densitometer.


  • Densitometric data is often required in quality control during the printing process. 

  • Colorimetric data is used in the evaluation of print proofs, in the creation of color profiles in color management, and in the color matching and formulation of printing inks.


TECHKON SpectroConnect

Measure Client with 1-click upload to iQIP®

With the iQIP connect plugin, the user gets all the work simplifications in one place.


With the 1-click upload, iQIP QuickCheck immediately provides important key figures and trend analyses in the AI-supported iQIP QualityPreview. 


Full or partial automation of measurement data processing can be customized individually in iQIP QuickAssign. 


S4_1 v2300GCR 300 CMYK.tif

Color densitometer - Simple, precise & elegant

The new TECHKON DENS combines three measuring devices in one.

A color incident light densitometer for four-color printing, a transmitted light densitometer for films and a high-precision, illuminated linen tester for visual control of the print result.


The affordable entry-level model allows any user to perform densitometric quality control based on the proven high accuracy of TECHKON colorimeters. 


The DENS displays density, screen percentages and gray balance easily readable on a large color display. Automatic color and gray balance detection speeds up measurements. Operation of the instrument is also extremely simple, using just three keys. A complete measurement is performed in a fraction of a second.


SpectroDrive Scan-Measurement System
TECHKON SpectroDrive

Scan-Measurement System - Quality in the Fast Lane

The SpectroDrive automatic color and density measuring system is the optimum tool for operating a press even more efficiently and controlling quality during the printing process.


The system solution consists of two components: The motor-driven measuring device automatically scans the entire print control strip on a print sheet spectrophotometrically in a matter of seconds.

The associated TECHKON ExPresso 4 PC software simultaneously receives the measured values wirelessly via a WLAN module and provides a clear on-screen display of all relevant information with which the printer controls the press.


A particular strength of SpectroDrive is that it can be used for any print format.


S13_1 1408 GCRv2 300 CMYK.tif
TECHKON SpectroPlate

Printing plate measurement - to the point

Measuring the correct dot transfer on the printing plate is an important part of comprehensive process control.


SpectroPlate is a highly precise, robust and maintenance-free measuring device for these tasks. In a matter of seconds, all relevant quality parameters for correctly exposed offset printing plates are clearly shown on the device display.


The measuring device knows no restrictions with regard to the screen form or size to be analyzed.


Whether FM, AM or hybrid screens: thanks to the precise optical system, the high resolution and quality of the image sensor and the sophisticated graphic calculations, the measuring device masters the exact evaluation of every screen technology and all plate materials.

Measurable successes - Easy. Efficient. Robust.

"What we particularly appreciate about the cooperation with iQIP is the partnership-based approach, the clarity in communication and the rapid achievement of common goals.


Through the cooperation, we receive inspiration for new market requirements, which we can implement in profitable solutions for our joint customers.


We ensure further perfection of our respective products and adaptation to the respective market requirements in order to provide users in the printing industry with the best possible overall solution."

Albin Baranauskas, Managing Director TECHKON Germany

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