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Experience the new iQIP® website

If you want to actively shape change, you have to embrace it. As a logical consequence of the change of name to iQIP GmbH & Co. KG (formerly:, we have also redesigned the website. With the new company name iQIP, we have also redesigned the customer approach and placed the emphasis on a clearly understandable and user-friendly web design. In this context, we have created numerous new contact options.


The chat function - an additional communication channel

We want our service to inspire. To this end, we have installed a new chat function on the new iQIP website, which is intended to complement the communication channels to our team in order to remove barriers to contact. We always welcome you to join us in the chat!

To use this function, please click on the green 'Shall we chat?' button at the bottom right of the screen.

Online scheduling - for live demos and support requests

You will find our online scheduling tool at the bottom of the homepage of our new iQIP® presence. Simply select the appointment that suits you best. With your choice of appointment, our commitment already stands.


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