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  • Matthias Paulat

iQIP® comm pro and dashboard - individual and automated

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

iQIP® is about more than just color. For us, the evaluation of hard facts and soft facts is an essential quality factor and thus also part of the print evaluation. Often the visual evaluation takes place in confusing charts. It is decentralized, offers no key indicators and involves a time-consuming, organizational and communicative effort.

Rely on iQIP!

Find out how you can reduce your daily workload with quick interactions with your print partners and how you can centralize your communication in one place in a web-based and audit-proof manner. Get to know iQIP® comm pro and iQIP® dashboard.

iQIP® comm pro - individual catalogs for visual assessment

With iQIP® comm pro you have your communication in one place. The module converts soft and hard facts, from the final cut to paper quality to adherence to delivery. Use intelligent system suggestions or use your own evaluation catalogs in which you can prioritize each individual criteria according to your needs.

With the integrated communication function, printers can react directly to comments. Each criterion can not only be commented on individually but also described with additional data such as pictures, tables or files in a comprehensible way. All with a simple drag-and-drop function.

  • Individual evaluation as a statistical key indicator

  • Template functions

  • Standardisation of communication

  • web-based and audit-proof

At any time, the workflow can be reviewed and the quality manager and print buyer can again assign individual points to criteria that influence the overall evaluation.

iQIP® comm pro not only enables communication with several parties at the same time but also reduces intensive time and organizational effort. All with just one module.


iQIP® dashboard - Cockpit for quality management

After the overall evaluation, the financial question arises: Does the result meet the customer's requirements or is it outside the specifications and can therefore be complained about?

In iQIP® dashboard, you as a print buyer can define individual quality specifications based on our 5 quality categories: the evaluation of brand colours, register evaluation, visual and spectral evaluation, as well as the overall evaluation. . With this, possible complaints are automatically filled with current orders in an overview using intelligent filters.

Single or multiple complaints at the same time can be triggered with just one click thanks to a customizable mail template and batch processing.

  • Audit-proof cockpit

  • intuitive operation in tile design with filter functions

  • predefined diagrams and graphics

  • Extensive communication tools

The most important key figures of a complaint are visualized in an audit-proof cockpit with a KPI overview. The key figures can be broken down in detail across modules up to the individual evaluation criteria from iQIP® comm pro. All evaluations can be exported in various formats and imported into your MIS.

Quality management "with a big feel-good factor"!

Relieve your workday with quick-to-execute interactions with your print partners.


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