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  • Matthias Paulat

iQIP® control and zert - Trend analyses and Data Mining

Updated: Mar 8

iQIP® Modules: control and zert

Data analysis with just one click. Say goodbye to confusing tables, missing information or complicated processes. Evaluate your print quality from entire jobs to individual patches in a detailed and intuitive way. We provide you with the right expert tools for your process optimization.

Rely on iQIP!

Never lose sight of a detail with iQIP® control and iQIP® zert. Collect and evaluate data in real-time, analyze trends and optimize your production processes as well as your purchases. Find out what these modules can do for you.

iQIP® control – Analyses in real-time

With iQIP® control you get a detailed analysis of your printing process in 23 different graphical and tabular evaluations. With continuous real-time diagrams you keep the most important process parameters constantly in view. You decide the depth of the analysis yourself: From the entire job to the individual measuring field. With iQIP® control you can immediately recognize and eliminate critical process fluctuations. For example, you can evaluate the color gamut, the color accuracy of brand colors and register deviations in just one module.

iQIP® control key features:

  • Dynamic evaluations of all process parameters (color space, TWZ, grey balance, etc.)

  • Recommendations for control and optimization of the printing process

  • Position-related evaluation of print quality

  • Print KnowHow communicated in an understandable and intuitive way

iQIP® control supports printers and print buyers in the continuous process optimization and thus ensures the optimal quality of your print products. Reduce the efforts of all parties involved with stable processes, lower the potential for complaints and ensure a good customer-supplier relationship!


iQIP® zert – Data Mining at a glance

More know-how creates more advantages. Create every conceivable database query with iQIP® zert, without programming knowledge. With an intuitive SQL editor, you configure your individual query scenarios, similar to webshop filters. These can be saved as a configuration and thus retrieved at a later time. Complex queries, such as the analysis of paper coloring over a period of 11 years, are mapped in seconds.

iQIP® zert key features:

  • Individual Big Data analyses of all process parameters and metadata in

  • metadata in a matter of seconds

  • Optimize your processes and purchases on the basis of statistical key figures

  • Detect quality variations of process colors and substrates

  • Save individual queries as presettings

iQIP® zert generates the relevant key figures for printers and print buyers on the basis of statistical parameters. Optimize your processes and purchases with the help of the KPIs by detecting and reducing error costs. iQIP® zert is THE tool for visualizing complex data volumes!


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