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iQIP® hardware guarantees you reproducible measurement results

Spectral measurements are only as good as the quality of the measurement technology used allows. iQIP offers a whole portfolio of high-quality materials to optimize measurement results. In iQIP® – your smart quality hub, our partner company TECHKON has been providing the best available measurement technology for more than 10 years. Through the compatibility of our iQIP® packages with TECHKON products, you increase the efficiency of your processes.

Make your work easier by combining intuitive measurement technology and smart software.


iQIP® chassis

Structure of the iQIP®-Chassis

At iQIP® we see an iPhone as more than just a smartphone. With the iQIP® chassis, the iPhone models 6/6s/7/8 and SE become an intuitive, modern register measuring device. The high-quality holder is made of polished acrylic glass, which makes the chassis robust and shatter-proof. Due to its design and weight, the iQIP® chassis ensures the best possible flatness, even of thin substrates. The iPhone used can remain in the iQIP® chassis for charging and is also ready for use as a registration meter during charging. With the two position-shifted optical lenses, the iQIP® Chassis can be used hybrid for five different iPhone models.

A significant additional benefit of the iQIP® Chassis is that it can be used as a microscope. The combination of iQIP® Chassis and the iPhone offers a maximum digital zoom of up to 18x - for detailed analyses. Among other things, it can be used to visually determine not only the surface condition of the substrate but also the degree of emulsification of the ink. This creates another opportunity for targeted process optimisation.

Direct wireless transmission of the measurement results to the Print Quality Cloud iQIP® makes the register measurement workflow efficient. Perfectly coordinated, the combination of iQIP® chassis and TECHKON iRegister app enables repeatable measurement results in register measurement. These are documented in the Print Quality Cloud iQIP® in relation to the job.

Highest quality - Designed and Made in Germany.

Usage of the iQIP® Chassis for register quality


Price: 399€ net plus shipping costs

Technical specifications:

  • Acrylic glass

  • CNC-milled

  • dimensions: approx. 87,5 x 148,7 x 30,5 mm

  • optical plastic lenses

  • Zoom factor lens: 3.5x

  • Maximum zoom factor lens + iPhone: 18x

Evolve your iPhone 6/6s/7/8/SE into a smart register measurement device.

Learn more about the iQIP® chassis. Get in touch with us.


iQIP® measuring pad

iQIP® measuring pad compliant with ISO-13655:2017

In practice, arbitrarily selected, black-coloured cardboard and cardboard boxes are often used as measuring bases for the spectral colour measurement of printed products. Such materials are not suitable for standardised colour measurement. Most of the time, these underlays are too light or have their own colouring. Furthermore, they cannot be cleaned and therefore do not represent a repeatable measurement condition. In addition, cardboard and paperboard are not lightfast and thus not resistant to ageing.

Especially with thin substrates with low opacity, the reflection of transmitted measuring light must be minimised. Due to the ISO conformity of the iQIP® measuring bases, we create a constant measuring environment and thus reproducibility of your measuring results.

The black iQIP® measuring pad is used in production printing and minimises the influence of the reverse side print thanks to standard-compliant inherent colouring. The white iQIP® measuring pad is preferably used for measuring and sampling proof prints.

Both versions of the iQIP® measuring pad are made of a robust and colour-stable composite material. With the iQIP® measuring pad, we offer the right tool for compliance with standardised conditions - regardless of the measuring technique used.


Price: from 100€ net plus shipping costs

Technical specifications:

  • Colouring and texture according to ISO 13655:2017 specifications.

  • Colours: black and white

  • Standard size: 290 x 405 mm

  • Individual dimensions up to a maximum of 3000 x 2000 mm on request

  • Thickness: 3 mm

  • specially coated composite material

Say goodbye to unreliable measurement environments.

Learn more about the iQIP® measuring pad. Get in touch with us.


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