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iQIP® – Simplify your work

Updated: Oct 20, 2021

Time is a scarce resource. Save yourself time and simplify your work by using iQIP® as a quality cloud to document and monitor the quality of your print jobs in real-time. iQIP® offers numerous other benefits for printers and print buyers alike.


Ciao travel expenses - hello Print Quality Cloud!

With our cloud solution, you as a print buyer save travel costs for print coordination on-site. iQIP® allows printers to automatically enter measurement results of print jobs in the cloud. As a print buyer, you monitor your print jobs in real-time on the basis of the documented measurement results and can intervene at any time.


Central communication - simple and automated!

Our iQIP® software solution unites printers and print buyers in the quality management of print products in the cloud. In addition, iQIP® helps printers to optimise their process steps in order to meet customer specifications. The QuickCheck gives them an immediate result in the form of relevant control variables. Statistical evaluations in intuitive dashboards can also be used for process optimisation. Print buyers can, if they wish, transmit job-specific tolerance specifications to their print partners in addition to the standardised tolerance values. iQIP® digitises the quality documentation on the print buyer's side to the maximum. The complete recording of print jobs leads to maximum transparency and adherence to compliance requirements. Excel spreadsheets and decentralised communication are now a thing of the past.


One application - one quality index!

When evaluating print quality, iQIP® takes into account not only colour measurement but also other factors such as the accuracy of CI colours, register and visual criteria. For a reliable and objective evaluation, we transfer these factors into a central quality indicator. This benefits you as a printer and print buyer equally, as the framework conditions are clearly defined - printers and print buyers finally speak the same language!

Due to the ever-increasing decentralisation of print purchasing, the heterogeneous machine parks across the printing locations, an objective quality indicator is indispensable.


Our customers work efficiently with iQIP®

Print Buyer:

"iQIP creates transparency for us with our pole printers. As print quality increases, so does our own profitability."

REWE Zentral AG, Germany


"Every time we upload a measurement file we can ensure our quality and this is a strong connection to our partner."

eps group, Hungary


We will be happy to show you iQIP® live. Simply arrange your desired appointment online!


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