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iQIP® Update 11-2021 - Faster on track

With the iQIP® update 11-2021 (published on Monday, 22.11.21) we bring the print evaluations closer to the press and simplify the upload processes. A large part of the changes, therefore, concerns the iQIP® upload module.

Brandnew iQIP® upload 2021 QuickCheck Overview


  • Extended QuickCheck evaluation to include the relevant parameters for press control

  • Possibility of QuickCheck evaluation without prior login

  • Display of trends to previous measurements

  • Segmentation of uploaded measurements per press

  • PDF label with the iQIP® results for output on label printers

  • Colouring of the QuickView icon at the measurements based on the percentage values


Extensive feedback on the measurements

In addition to the InkGuide information on density control, which was already part of the previous QuickCheck, we now also display the other printing parameters such as TVI and grey balance for each measuring position directly after the upload. In addition, the trend information for the previous measurement gives you an immediate indication if parameters deteriorate during production.

PDF label for marking the sample specimens

With the new PDF label, the iQIP® results of the measured samples can be output directly and without detours via a label printer. This ensures security and transparency in the workflow.

Individual folders for each press in the file directory

If measurements are taken on several presses at the same time and uploaded to iQIP®, the files are now sorted into separate press folders to clearly distinguish them from each other.

Better overview of results in the file directory

With the permanent display of the QuickView icon and the colouring according to the worst percentage value of an evaluation category, you get a better overview of the quality of the measurements.

Detailed information on the new functions is available in the wiki manual.


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