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iQIP® upload & listing - as flexible as you

iQIP® modules: upload and listing

A craftsman needs intuitive and high-quality equipment to do his best work. The better his tools are, the more he can focus on working creatively, productively and efficiently. Don't let complicated and unreliable tools slow you down. Say goodbye to decentralised and laborious communication between printer and print buyer.

Rely on iQIP!

As a modular print quality management software, iQIP® not only provides you with the right tools, but also paves the way to faster communication and higher efficiency. Through continuous development, iQIP® remains as adaptable and flexible as your needs and customer preferences. Start simplifying your data communication and gain deeper insight into its importance. To do this, get to know iQIP® upload and iQIP® listing.

Get to know iQIP® upload and iQIP® listing for this.

iQIP® upload – the perfect interface

Measurement data is the basis of quality assessment and with iQIP® upload we provide an intuitive tool for handling the files. Benefit from automated processes when creating jobs, assigning measurement files and, if necessary, releasing them to print buyers.

Key features:

  • Easy file upload from the measurement applications

  • iQIP® QuickCheck provides a fast and intuitive evaluation directly after the upload

  • Detect quality trends over the run directly during the upload

  • Segment the measurements according to your presses

  • Use the PDF label to mark the sample copies

  • Save valuable time when processing jobs with the help of batch processing

  • iQIP® upload offers state-of-the-art API connections to MIS/ERP systems and supports the open XJDF format.

Use iQIP® QuickCheck, for the fastest feedback on quality measurements and iQIP® QuickAssign, for fully automatic processing of colour measurements.

Special and brand colours are also evaluated in iQIP. With the add-on iQIP® cicolor, spot colours can be considered in the same measurement process as the other colours and displayed separately in the GUI via intelligent processes. In this way, iQIP ensures the reproduction of your brand colours throughout the entire printing process.

Direct feedback of quality even before the start of the entire print job.

While iQIP® upload ensures fast job processing, iQIP® listing gives you a unique quality overview of all production sites.


iQIP® listing - Big Data at a glance

Do you produce as a printer for many print buyers? You are a print buyer and use a pool of many printers?

Then you will love the simple and fast quality overview in iQIP listing! Similar to road traffic, iQIP® sets clear signs. With the help of an intuitive traffic light system, you can recognise excellent quality at a glance.

Key features:

  • See at a glance the quality of your productions at the site and, if necessary, across sites.

  • Save time-consuming print inspections and use iQIP's real-time quality monitoring instead

  • An easy-to-understand traffic light system guides users through the quality assessment process

  • Quality documentation and communication take place in one central location

  • Valid ISO standards (e.g. ISO12647 ff.) form the basis for the assessment

IQIP® listing is the control centre for fast quality assessment and communication between printer and print buyer. Both sides can view the production data aggregated according to their own needs, e.g. as a quarterly evaluation, or generate individual views with the help of intelligent filter functions.

Direct insight into quality through intuitive traffic light system


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