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  • Stefan Spengler

Product innovation – iQIP® JobView

Updated: Mar 8

As a visualisation component in iQIP® JobView, the new solution is designed to enable all decision-makers to be integrated into the process chain of the global packaging supply chain. An easy-to-use visualisation of all relevant quality criteria, which is also understandable for non-specialists, fulfils all the high-end requirements of well-known packaging print buyers. This includes professional state-of-the-art iQIP® quality monitoring tools as well as the visualisation of the deviation of the print subject from the supplied print data.

iQIP® JobView

iQIP® JobView components


The JobList display serves as the control center for the JobReport and also displays the jobs pre-filtered in individual overview tables for Pending Jobs, Current Jobs, and Finished Jobs for quick and easy orientation.

Other features such as filter functions, sorting, and links to other iQIP® modules are of course available as standard.


All relevant information on the quality scores of the individual jobs is displayed in the JobReport and optionally made available to external process participants via an easy-to-perform authentication process. All iQIP® Scorings from other iQIP® modules are also available in the iQIP® JobReport.

Detailed tables and graphics also provide all conceivable state-of-the-art information. Commenting functions, uploading file attachments as well as mail dispatch and corresponding change tracking are also optionally available in the iQIP® JobReport.


Here, a qualitative target/actual comparison is created during the print run for each checked print run, as well as a correspondingly averaged deviation display based on a continuous average calculation. This means that a relative comparison between the source file and the produced print image is always possible, regardless of the viewing setup used.

The new type of visualisation offers significant advantages in the area of sustainability by avoiding unnecessary coordination processes in the area of print approval, avoiding travel costs for print coordination, saving on sample dispatch and reducing costs when integrating external decision-makers in iQIP®. Simple authentication in iQIP® is sufficient.

The product innovation iQIP® JobView will be presented to the international trade audience at this year's Fogra Colourmanagement Symposium 2024. Reserve an exclusive sneak preview appointment now.


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