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iQIP® - first integrated partner for proofing materials in Zaikio Procurement

Available now:

One-Click orders for iQIP® proof material

in Zaikio Procurement

iQIP® - your smart quality hub has joined the Zaikio Hub. We are very excited to be able to offer high-quality proof materials from our partner CGS ORIS via Zaikio Procurement as of now. This makes us the first integrated partner for proof materials on the Zaikio platform.

Order your iQIP® proof materials via Zaikio Procurement

In the summer of 2020, Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG introduced the independent platform Zaikio, which already serves printers in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the UK. As a cloud-based collaboration platform and intermediary, Zaikio connects suppliers, machines, cloud applications and inventory software via open interfaces for easier material purchase.

Zaikio's fully automated approach means an accelerated ordering processes for our customers. Eliminate tedious ordering processes with communication via phone and email and rely on iQIP® and Zaikio.

Centralize your communication – Simplify your work!

Zaikio Procurement centrally records your needs and detects low stock levels, as well as your regular requirements and offers intelligent suggestions.

With the help of a central database, you can see all suppliers, all availabilities and all prices at a glance - in seconds. Even individual price agreements with iQIP® are taken into account on the platform.

Access Zaikio's portfolio via the Zaikio Hub or your MIS – if it is already connected. Reduce your previous communication efforts by at least 50% and prevent avoidable errors.

Central demand recording in the cloud - at your personal conditions!

Advantages of Zaikio

Order your proof materials at the accustomed conditions. Zaikio only serves as an intermediary between you and the participating suppliers. You will not incur any additional costs by using Zaikio. The platform is financed by refunds from the participating suppliers. Thus, there are no acquisition or monthly costs for you. After free registration, Procurement is immediately ready for use without any training or installation effort.

Order iQIP® proof material via Zaikio – step by step!

We guide you through the ordering process via Zaikio. In addition, Zaikio is available at any time to answer your questions about procurement.

1. Register for free at and complete the registration process.

2. Navigate via the left menu and select Procurement. Here you must release your data, which is required for the ordering process, once. Go to the left under the tab Connect with suppliers, search for iQIP and make a connection request.

3. Select your desired product here and use numerous filters. Specify the amount of iQIP® CGS ORIS proofing materials you need and when you need them.

4. Initiate an order on the right-hand side by clicking the Order via Zaikio button. We will receive your order, confirm it and place your order for shipment as soon as possible.

Order your iQIP® proof materials via Zaikio Procurement


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