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Put an end to price lists and manual ordering processes!

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Central purchasing of iQIP® proofing papers and consumables for your proofing systems.

Zaikio Procurement radically improves your purchasing processes. Whether from your MIS, with the modern ZAIKIO web app or via the ZAIKIO API...

...purchasing has never been faster and more transparent!

iQIP® - first provider of proof papers in Zaikio Procurement

Zaikio's digitization order for the printing industry paves new opportunities for iQIP® - your smart quality hub.

iQIP will distribute CGS ORIS proofing materials as a commodity to Print Partner. Thanks to Zaikio's fully automated approach, our customers will benefit from accelerated ordering processes.

Your individual price agreements with iQIP® - your smart quality hub will of course also be taken into account on the Zaikio platform. Lengthy ordering processes, with communication via telephone and e-mail, are made redundant by the platform's centralized approach.

Order your iQIP® proof materials via Zaikio Procurement from January 2022.

iQIP® Proofmaterialien in ZAIKIO Procurement

Central demand recording in the cloud - at your personal conditions!

An arbitrary ordering cycle negatively impacts your resource inventory. Zaikio Procurement records every material requirement at your print site in one central location. You get access to availabilities according to your individual price agreements for the selected materials without much effort and order directly in the cloud.

iQIP® - your smart quality hub as a partner dealer for proof papers, saves you at least 50% of your previous communication effort in the purchasing process and prevents avoidable errors.


Centralize your communication - Simplify your work!

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