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Print shop marketing with iQIP® Certificate

Updated: 8 hours ago

With the iQIP® Certificate, iQIP® offers a new opportunity to support active print shop marketing.

Many of our print shop customers who use iQIP® for quality documentation prove every day that they do an outstanding job 24/7/365 for premium customers, over and above standard certifications such as their PSO certification. They fulfilled customer expectations over several years. Transparently presented and stored in an audit-proof manner, they also meet all of your customers' compliance expectations and thus create long-term customer loyalty.

iQIP® Certificate

iQIP® Certificate

Marketing tool of the year 2024 – print quality with iQIP®

Print shops can apply for the iQIP® Certificate from a system utilization period of at least one year. For existing customers, too, iQIP® use thus becomes an added value in customer communication, including in the acquisition of new customers.

Depending on the customer segment, the iQIP® certificate is checked for the respective customer segment and issued for a period of validity of 1 year. You will receive a high-quality printed iQIP® certificate with your company logo and the signature of the iQIP managing director. This is a real eye-catcher in your foyer and stands out from any standard certificate. Of course, there is also a digital version of your iQIP® certificate for online marketing channels.

Certificate Wall

Simply order this year's iQIP® Certicate via at the certificate price of €495 net.


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