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iQIP® supports the advertising impact of your magazine

"More than 34.7 million Germans read the same magazine several times a week."

In advertising psychology, there are several ways to promote a product. iQIP® creates a stronger advertising impact for print products through unique quality monitoring in the cloud. The Print Quality Cloud supports the perfect reproduction of your brand colours.

For the best recognition of your products!

Quelle: Printmachtmehrdraus


Advertised once - triggered several times

Like many printed advertising media, a magazine is always at hand. This way, a placed advertisement not only simply fulfils its purpose, but does so several times over. Quality is one of several product characteristics of the magazine that increases the advertising impact of your ads. iQIP® - your smart quality hub supports you and your print partners with unique quality monitoring in the cloud. Intuitive real-time evaluations increase the print quality of your print partners. This simultaneously strengthens your advertising message while taking your personal quality criteria into account.

iQIP® ensures precise reproduction of your corporate colours!

Pictures say more than words

Humans dream, think and speak in images. Visuality makes up a large part of our perception. With your individual quality catalogue in the cloud, you combine metrological and visual evaluation. iQIP® calculates a statistical parameter based on your visual evaluations, which objectifies the overall evaluation of the print quality. Add parameters that cannot be measured to your visual evaluation. The centralised communication and documentation lead to transparent processes in print purchasing.

Centralize your communication – Simplify your work!


This is what the publisher Wort&Bild Verlag says about iQIP®...

Security throughout the entire printing process

[...] For the advertiser, the presentation of his advertisement in our magazines is eminently important and iQIP® guarantees us transparent monitoring of the entire circulation of our magazines. [...]


Word&Bild Verlag, Germany


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